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Group memorization or Hifdh (For girls only)

Group Quran Memorization or Hifdh Courses for Girls

Hifdh is the process of remembering verses and ayat from the Quran, the termHafizor Hafizahrefers to someone who has memorized the Quran.GroupMemorization or Hifdh program is for girls for learning to memorize the Quran with a group of female students online by a female tutors from Makkah Al Mukarramah. Memorizing thecompleteholyQur’anor parts of it is one of the most significant activities a Muslimahcan perform for her creator. It varies depending on the student’s age, perception, and other factors, as the teacher investigates the proper quantity for the student to memorize through an experiment, ensuring that she does not exceed it and reviewing what she has memorized on a regular basis to ensure that she does not forget what she has memorized.