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Advantages, importance and influence of Online Quran Class

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Online class saves time. Free of any cost. It saves our time, toil and expense for transport. From any part of the world anyone can join an online class. Distance, money and time can not become the obstacle for learning. 

There is religions, to indicate what is life, to instruct how to lead and live the life. By birth every human being has a religion. All religion gives the instructions for being a good and an honest human being. Our religion Islam is an universal religion and way of life. The most peaceful religion. Modern science and research recognize Islam as a holy religion of peace, welfare and humanity. 

To practice this religion in the right way, Islamic Sharia has four sources. 1) Al-Qur’an, 2) Sunnah or Hadith, 3) Ijma, 4) Qias 

Amongst them, the knowledge of the holy Qur’an is obligatory. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.” 

And Qur’an is the major source for gaining knowledge for Muslims. 

Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA said, The Messenger of Allah said, “Verily, one who does not hold anything from the Quran in his heart is like a ruined house.” 

As Arabic, the language of Qur’an is not our mother tongue, naturally it is hard for us to memorize or remember what we learn. 

Therefore, to learn and practice Qur’an with right instructions is important. At any stage or age of life, practicing Qur’an is our ethical responsibility. But we can not find time and an easy medium for learning Qur’an. 

On account of this, our Qur’an School, Soft Reciting Institute (quransschool.com) has arranged Online Classes as anyone can join our classes from any corner of the world. Anyone can join online class in spite of her busyness and get benefited by continuing the practice of learning Qur’an and Tajweed. 

Specially for Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and English speaking MMuslimah’s around the world. Teachers are fluent in Arabic, and they are from Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 

Our Online Quran Class –

  • Maintains Schedule
  • Teaches Arabic Alphabets
  • Memorization of Quran 
  • Recitation of Quran 

Types of Class :

1) Open Class

2) Private Class 

Language: Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, English. Students can use any of these language to contact and speak with the Teachers. 

Open Class:

Free for everyone of any age who registered and get admitted into our Institute. No fee is needed for admission or class. 

Free of cost: We have this option for those who cannot afford a private tutor for learning or practicing Qur’an. 

Soft Reciting Institute’s Aim: As if, due to lack of ability, no encouraging Muslimah remains lagged behind or deprived of learning Qur’an. 

Age: Any. School, College or University Student or Housewife. 

Help: Teachers gives time, keep contact with students via WhatsApp. For helping them whenever they are in need. 

Private Class:

Any students of any age can join this class. It is taken separately in a scheduled time according to the convenience of the teachers and students. Students have to pay fees for Private Class. 

In our country, everyone learns Qur’an from a house tutor in childhood. But, after a stage, girls cannot continue their learning of Qur’an because of a female teacher. As a result, they cannot recite or read Qur’an properly. So there is chance to err, and meaning can be changed. 

Many women, girls felt that, if they would get a female house tutor for teaching them Qur’an it would be great, they would learn from her. 

In the past, many of our elders cannot learn or continue their learning for need of a female teacher. Still many girls cannot learn for the same reason. Sometimes, even if they get a female tutor, time and distance stand as obstacle. 

But, modern technology gave us the opportunity. We have online platform like Quran School. By the grace of Almighty, technology made our life easier. Alhamdulillah. We can learn anything using our devices connected to the internet in a second. We can watch videos of Quran recitation. But only from listening, nobody can learn aright. Many questions arise about Tajweed etc. Then a learner feels the absence of a tutor. For this, Soft Reciting Institute started their journey. For the encouraged students from anywhere of the world, we are here to teach. Distance, time or cost can not be the obstacle for learning anymore.

We wish, we will start a separate class only of Tafseer, in sha Allah. 

Alhamdulillah. May Allaah Accept all the good deeds and accept the good deeds of our supporters and bless them for supporting us to continue this free class without any break. And forgives our mistakes we do in the paths of life. And accept our efforts. Ameen.



Quran’s School is an online Qur’an project run by Islamic Students from Makkah, operating via the noble city of Makkah Al Mukarramah, with an aim to promote and support the authentic learning of Qur’an throughout the world.


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